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Action Builder is a new tool built from the ground up for organizing and leadership development.

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Using the not-for-profit cooperative model honed through our development of Action Network, we built Action Builder with organizers, for organizers. Working with our development partners, including the AFL-CIO, we drew on time-tested tools organizers have used for decades, from wall charts and flip charts to notebooks and three ring binders.

The Result: A tool designed for organizers on the go, giving them needed information at their fingertips to grow power and win real change.

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What people are saying about Action Builder

Action Builder speaks for itself. Once somebody sees it, the lightbulb goes on, they love it, and they run with it.

- Adrian Sauceda, IBEW

Action Builder has been such an invaluable tool in our organizing work. The more we use it, the more useful it becomes, and the more we love it!

- David Ricardo Abud, KIWA

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Organizers know that relationships matter, and we take our jobs in guiding people on their journey to realizing their power seriously. Action Builder is a tool to make sure we know, and don’t lose, our people along that journey.

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